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Our pigeon and bird control specialists can help! We have literally tens of thousands of both commercial and residential pigeon/bird control installations throughout the Metro Phoenix area including Surprise AZ. Nobody does pigeon or bird control better than us, and we have thousands of happy customers to prove it!

There are lots of pigeon and/or bird control products and services available and most are effective in some given situations. Often it’s a combination of multiple products and/or installations that gets the job done right. Pigeon and/or bird netting, trapping, spike, screening, solar panel exclusion, etc. are all viable parts of a well thought out pigeon or bird control program which should be customized for each job. Probably the most commonly used – and misused – product is spike, which is really made specifically for excluding pigeons from sitting on ledges. We’ve seen spike installed in all sorts of ways and in all sorts of places. Spike is absolutely the #1 thing that we have to remove because it has been installed incorrectly and therefore isn’t effective. Plastic owls are another big one that could often be effective it used correctly but almost never is. We remove a ton of those as well. So obviously, it’s important to hire the right pigeon/bird control company so you’re only paying once to get rid of them.

We’re a bit unique in that we are actually professional pigeon/bird control experts and have dozens of different ways to get the job done. It takes experience and determination to put an effective and affordable pigeon/bird control program together and we have it. And cleaning is included with every job!

So don’t let pigeons or birds drive you crazy. Fill out the contact form below for a free quote and save $50 when you hire us for the Surprise bird extermination services that you need.

Why are pigeons on my roof?

That’s a great question and one that we’re asked all of the time. Pigeons are a lot like you and me, and every other living, breathing critter out there, for that matter. They need food, water, shelter and community. It really just boils down to those four basic things when you get right down to it. If they decided to stay on your roof, they’re finding the things they need. Otherwise they would move on to some place where they would. If you have solar panels on your roof or nooks where the eaves meet, they found the shelter. If other pigeons are nesting on your home or your neighbor’s, they found the community they need. And food and water are usually pretty plentiful in the environment that we create where we live. Take away those four basic elements and your chances of having a pigeon infestation on your roof go way down. Give us a call if you need help. Or better yet: fill out the contact form and save a Cool $50!

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